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Featuring a crest with castle and leaf motifs, this antique cider pitcher jug is crafted of barrel oak. It is further embellished with a brass handle and is in excellent condition.

The jug measures 9.5” tall and 13.5” in diameter. Made in Normandy France circa 1860, this bar accessory is in excellent condition and is suitable for use with wine or cider.

Calvados: Apple Brandy Native to Normandy

When the phylloxera crisis hit France in the late 19th century, vineyards were destroyed and the French turned their attention to their local drink: Calvados, which is now made throughout the country. It is distilled from apples grown in the region, making it a unique alcoholic beverage that is both refreshing and delicious.

P-47 Fighter Group Actions: Combat in Normandy and Southern France

During the Normandy invasion, the Allies had a fleet of fighter-bombers on standby to strafe German airfields and roads as they were being retaken. In addition, Allied air crews had developed tactics for “cab rank” attacks, where bombers were flown from the deck of fighters to attack targets at ground level.

In May 1944, 13 of the Ninth Air Force’s fighter groups had P-47Ds adapted for their critical role as low-level strafers and bombers. They were equipped with racks beneath their wings that carried 500-pound bombs and later, rocket projectiles.

In the final months of the campaign, Allied fighters swooped down to ground level to rake German trucks, trains and troop columns in southern France. Often these attacks were accompanied by artillery fire, a technique that was vividly depicted in the 1948 Warner Brothers film, Fighter Squadron.