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This antique Normandy jug is beautifully crafted from polished brass. Featuring a scalloped collar and a rolled lip, this milk jug has a thick handle that attaches to the decorative midsection and a molded lid with a riveted handle that provides a secure seal, keeping any contents from spilling out.

Normandy is a popular location for cider makers and has long been known for its rich, flavorful apple cider. Produced using the renowned “Orleans Method,” this cider is made from apples grown on estates throughout the region. It is naturally fermented, and aged in oak caskets, giving it an intensely flavored and complex taste.

The jug is decorated with castle and leaf motifs on the front. It is in excellent condition, and measures 9.5” diameter x 13.5” height.

This jug was hand-crafted in France circa 1850. It is a stocky container that has been lightly textured by hammering. It has a rolled lip, which is mirrored by a protuberant ridge along the circumference. A scalloped collar attached to the neck, and a thick handle rises from the decorative midsection and attaches near the lip of the jug.

The jug is marked with the word “NORMANDY” on the bottom and is in very good condition for its age, exhibiting only light aging and some abrasions consistent with 170 years of use. This jug can be paired with our other products from this French region, such as calvados and cider vinegar.