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Made in Normandy, France, this polished brass milk jug was hand-crafted circa 1850. The outside of the stocky container was lightly textured by a technique called hammering, and features a scalloped collar where the neck attaches to the body.

The molded lid has a riveted handle that provides a secure seal, keeping any contents from spilling out.


A charming antique cider jug from Normandy, France. It’s made of wood with copper banding and rivets. It’s a traditional French cider jug that is used to store and serve apple cider. The jug has a lovely matte finish and is in good condition for its age. It’s ideal for serving cider, and can also be used as a decorative piece in a kitchen or bar area. This high quality PNG image can be downloaded for free, and is suitable for any creative project or design.


Featuring an engraved design, this normandyjug was hand crafted in France circa 1850. Its ribbed body has been lightly textured by the hammering technique. It has a scalloped collar, an applied neck with a turned-up curlicue and a thick looped handle that rises from the midsection and attaches near the mouth of the jug. The molded lid has a riveted handle and provides a secure seal to prevent spillage. This antique cider jug is a wonderful addition to any collection.


The normandyjug is an impressively crafted jug, made from polished barrel oak decorated with applied brass rings. The jug features a large handle that is embellished with a crest of castle and leaf motifs. The neck of the jug is decorated with a scalloped collar. The pouring rim is also textured with a hand-hammered appearance, which is a cleverly designed feature. The jug is not the most substantial piece of barware in our collection, but it will certainly make an impression with its sleek shape and unique design. It is a great addition to any wine cellar or wet bar, and it will be sure to impress your guests!