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The Normandyjug is a popular, quirky drink in the region of Normandy. Made from apples and aged in oak barrels, it is a strong and very satisfying aperitif that helps to take the sting out of the grey, cold winter months.

CALVADOES, a favorite of the Normans, and POMMEAU, another apple-based regional beverage, are also great for an “aperitif”. The best way to experience the local tastes is to take a tour and learn about the different varieties of cider and wine produced in the area.

Normandy is a place where history and nature come together in surprising ways. The region is home to France’s most enchanting tree, unique dark-faced cliffs, the highest waterfall in Western France, a cliff-tunnelling funicular that is the only one of its kind in Europe, a living and speaking church and Europe’s largest bison farm.

Our guide will lead you through the highlights and lesser known secrets of this enchanting region in a comfortable, spacious vehicle. He has a profound knowledge of World War II history and will be able to provide you with a truly unique experience in Normandy.


As we disembark at Caen on our World War II tour, you can enjoy a unique breakfast at the Cafe Gondree that was occupied by British airborne troops on 6th June 1944 during the invasion of Normandy. It’s a fascinating slice of history that will bring to life a part of the story that a museum cannot.