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A normandyjug is a classic bar accessory that will complement any wine cellar or wet bar. Made of barrel oak and adorned with polished brass rings, this antique cider jug is in excellent condition and would make an attractive addition to any decor.

Normandy, France

The historic area of Normandy is known for its unique half-timbered houses and the Norman style architecture is a popular choice for many homeowners today. These quaint buildings are often seen throughout the region and are built using timber that was sourced within the local area.

One of the most iconic features of these half-timbered buildings is their carved windows and doors which are in the form of a leaf or castle motif. They were a popular choice for those seeking to create a distinctive look in their home and have remained an important part of the architectural landscape throughout the centuries.

It is also common for people to use the design of these half-timbered homes for their garden walls, ponds and fences. This is because the unique construction technique was designed to withstand high winds and strong currents that would otherwise cause these structures to shift and fall over.

Another important feature of the jug is its rounded bottom which helps to ensure that it remains stable when placed on a table or is tilted to pour its contents into drinking containers. In addition, this type of jug is ideal for storing liquids and is much easier to store than traditional jugs with straight bottoms which may roll about when filled with water or other liquids.