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A normandyjug is a type of milk jug, which was used in the 1800s to transfer dairy farm milk to distribution centers or markets. Traditionally, the container had a flat bottom and was held by a thick handle on its upper midsection.

The jug is decorated with a vine scroll motif that is typical of Saintonge. This particular example was found in a midden at Kidwelly Castle (Carmarthenshire) during excavations.

It is a very fine example of this style, and it demonstrates the sensitivity of the Saintonge potters to the detail of their work. In places, the walls are only 2.4mm (0.1 inches) thick.

This jug is very heavy and would have been particularly useful for transporting liquids such as wine or cider. It also makes a fine decorative cachepot for flowers.

Normandy, France is a fantastic place to visit for a number of reasons. Not only does it have a beautiful cathedral and a plethora of half-timbered houses, but it is also home to some of the best breweries in the world and many excellent restaurants.

One of the most memorable parts of my time in Normandy was my visit to Giverny, the home of Claude Monet. I was amazed to find that the house still looked as it did when he lived there.

I also discovered that almost everyone in the region made cider and Calvados, the potent apple brandy distilled from cider. So if you’re looking for a rewarding but less-visited destination, Normandy is a great choice!