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A Silver-plated Water Jug From Normandy

The ‘Normandy’ suite from Thomas Webb features a capacious balloon-shaped bowl cut with deep wedge cuts and a chequered diamond pattern beneath. A short cylindrical stem joins the base of the bowl to a flat foot and a thick handle rises from the decorative midsection.

This antique glassware is from a small French town near Saintonge and is probably made between 1275 and 1320. It is decorated with a vine scroll motif typical of the style produced in that region.

‘Normandy’ Jug

The region of Normandy is famous for its cider and apple brandy, Calvados, which has been made there since the 11th century. If you’re visiting the area, don’t leave without a glass of cider and a savory crepe to pair it with.

Hotel Rooms in Normandy

There are many changes that have been introduced to hotels in Normandy in recent years. These include sanitation, which has brought a very welcome change from the aggressive odors that once accompanied them.

A Few Things About Normandy

In the past, Normandy was a place where blood was shed two or three times over and towns and castles were sacked. It’s also known for its lace-making, which dates back to 300 years ago.

Away from the tourist attractions, you can find beautiful countryside and quaint villages. The villages of the Epte Valley are especially picturesque, and can be visited at a leisurely pace.

There are a number of roads in Normandy that wind and twist almost as much as a turnpike road. These are called ‘route nationales’ and are often bordered by poplar trees. They are a delight to drive on because you are constantly faced with new views.