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A Normandy Jug

A beautiful silver-plated water jug designed by Puiforcat for the first-class tables of the legendary “Normandy” cruise ship. Discreetly elegant and eye-catching, this water jug is an exceptional addition to any collection.

This jug has been gently patinated and polished to enhance its appearance. It has a thick handle that extends from the neck to the mouth of the jug, and a molded lid with a riveted ring is secured in place to the base of the jug.

From Rouen, France

The city of Rouen has been a center for the production of faience pottery since at least the 1540s. It was influenced by Italian maiolica, but also incorporated influences from Chinese porcelain and Eastern European wares, including those of Hungary.

Antique Milk Jug from Normandy, France

This vintage hand-crafted jug from the French city of Rouen is in fine condition. It was made circa 1850 and features a rolled lip with a protuberant ridge that runs along the entire circumference of the vessel, which is topped off by a scalloped collar at its neck’s attachment to the body of the jug.

Embossed Fruit Cider Pitcher from Normandy, France

This antique cider pitcher is decorated with a brass crest, castle and leaf motifs. It is crafted of barrel oak and has polished brass rings around its body. The jug is 13.5 inches tall and is in very good condition with no chips or cracks.

Beaufor Apple Cider Vinegar from Normandy, France

A classic French condiment with a rich, complex flavor, this apple cider vinegar is sourced from wild yeasts and aged in oak caskets for 12 months. It’s a favorite among gourmets.