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Infuse your bar with the culture of Normandy and add a sense of history to any room with this antique cider pitcher jug. Hand crafted in barrel oak and decorated with polished brass rings, this unique cider pitcher is sure to make a great addition to your barware collection!

A Norman Milkmaid Carrying a Copper Milk Jug

In the 1850s, Fran├žois Herve Lalaisse produced many illustrations of rural life in France. He included such figures as a milkmaid, a farmer’s wife, and a peasant woman wearing an elaborate starched lace hat.

A Milkmaid carrying a traditional copper milk jug is a familiar motif in French folk art and popular illustration. It is often viewed as a symbol of the strength and courage of a hard-working woman who would never let a little misfortune get in her way.

Normandy has a wide range of countryside and there is something to see at every turn of the road. The route nationale is not like the main roads in England, which are straight and wide, but are rather winding and twisting through small villages with every bend giving you a fresh view of the landscape.

The region is also known for its faience and tin-glazed earthenware, and Rouen, in particular, is the most important centre of faience production in Normandy. Although influenced by Italian maiolica and later Chinese tin-glazed earthenware, Rouen faience is a distinctive style.

Normandy is a wonderful place to visit, with its rich history and beautiful architecture. A good time to visit is in the summer, when you can experience some of the delights of the region without having to fight off crowds or endure rainy weather.