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Normandy is an exceptional place to visit, with a rich history, fascinating landscapes and poignant World War II memorials. To get the most out of your holiday, we recommend booking a luxury trip in Normandy with an experienced guide, who will share their expert insight into the region’s culture and its history.

Summer is the best time to visit Normandy, as the weather is at its warmest. It’s also a good time to see gardens and monuments in bloom.

Autumn brings your six senses alive as the leaves crunch underfoot, cider apples are in full production, and distilleries begin working on their first Calvados batches. Visiting in the fall is a great way to enjoy the scenery and taste some of the region’s signature foods, like apple ice-cream and Calvados cocktails (like the icy apple mojito).

There are many ways to explore the countryside of Normandy. Cycling is an excellent option, with plenty of bridle trails and escarpments to explore. If you’re looking for something a little different, try windsurfing on the wild Cap de la Hague. Alternatively, take a horse-drawn carriage ride through the quaint streets of Deauville. And don’t miss the opportunity to discover the famous Mont-Saint-Michel, perched on a headland above the Bay of Mont Saint Michel.