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Stanton is a city located in northern Orange County, California. It is part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. As of the 2020 census, the city had a population of 37,962. The city was incorporated in 1956 and operates under a council-manager form of government, providing a full range of municipal services.

Rodeo 39 Public Market

The new Rodeo 39 Public Market is expected to open in mid-October in Stanton, California. The public market, which is similar to Grand Central Market in Downtown Los Angeles, is a fishbowl-style building where you can find lots of good food and artisan items. This new venue also features unique art by local artists, and first-to-market retail concepts.

The market’s mix of tenants includes Stanton’s first brewery, a renowned tattoo parlor, a florist’s shop, and a retro arcade. Food options range from Filipino rice bowls to Laotian BBQ. You can also order to go via an easy online ordering system, curbside delivery, or contactless ordering using a QR code.

Despite its new location, the market is already popular with multiple demographics. Kra Z Kai’s Laotian barbeque is one of the few places in Orange County that serves authentic Laotian food. Additionally, Rodeo 39 brought the city’s first brewery, Bearded Tang Brewing. Its founder, Jon Chiusano, has already won the gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival. He also produces coffee stouts and porters.

Rodeo 39 Public Market is a 42,000 square foot project located just a few minutes away from Disneyland and the world-renowned OC beaches. The public market offers a mix of art, retail, and culinary offerings, in addition to a full-service bar. The building includes three outdoor patios, and will open in October 2020.

Tidal Wave Bay wavepool

Located at the edge of Stanford’s Tidal Wave Bay, this wavepool is filled with hundreds of thousands of gallons of water and offers hours of swimming adventure. Children should wear a life vest as required by law. The tidepool is open from dawn to dusk, and there is a fee for admission.

The abundance of symbionts at the Tidal Wave Bay wavepool varies with tidal height. The first survey found a strong correlation between tidal height and symbiont abundance. This relationship converged and decreased with tidal height for the second and third surveys. At the High Pool, symbiont density was 6286 + 2084 symbionts, while the Middle Pool was 10894 +-4102 symbionts. The lowest pool, however, was 4035 +-1970 symbionts.

The Hopkins Marine Station is a two-hour drive from Stanford’s main campus. It’s home to the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability and a world-renowned ocean research center. It’s the oldest marine laboratory in the United States and the third oldest on the West Coast. Stanford’s new Doerr School of Sustainability will build on this foundation to develop an ocean sustainability program that will serve as a global platform for innovation.

Lazy river

If you’re planning to visit Stanton, California, you’re in for a treat. The town has lots to offer, including festivals throughout the year and boutiques and restaurants. The town has both high-end resorts and inexpensive accommodations, making it the perfect getaway.

The town has a safe, family-friendly atmosphere. There’s a wave pool and lazy river to enjoy here, and there’s a beach house where you can hang out with your family. The waterpark is open from mid-May until early September. The town also has great dining and shopping options, including Rodeo 39 Public Market. It’s a modern building with big windows and colorful murals, so you can see all of the options in one place.

For families with young children, the town also has a splash pad. This attraction is located in the town’s parking lot and is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day from 11am to 5pm. It has a “Wet Saloon” themed water play area that keeps kids entertained. The park is also equipped with fitness equipment and has open grassy areas where your children can play.

Beach house

If you want to buy a beach house in Stanton, California, you’ve come to the right place. This newly-opened gated community features nine affordable home designs in two distinct collections. The Towns and Gardens collection features row homes and contemporary courtyard townhomes. Each is designed to meet the needs of individual homeowners.

In order to maximize space in your Stanton beach house, you may want to consider renting self-storage units. You can find affordable storage at locations like Low Cost Storage Stanton, California, located at 10850 Beach Blvd. Depending on how much you need to store, you may have to pay as much as $300 a month.

Dos Amigos Restaurant and Bar

The Dos Amigos Restaurant and Bar is a local Mexican restaurant with a nice atmosphere and affordable prices. The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating. The staff is friendly, and the food is delicious. The bathrooms smell great, too. The decor is modern and clean, and the ambiance is nice.

Central Park

Central Park in Stanton, California, is a great place for family outings and birthday parties. With its large playing fields and new softball fields, Stanton Central Park is a great place for all ages to get outdoors and enjoy the great outdoors. It also features large restrooms, picnic areas, and plenty of open space.

The park also hosts summer festivals and events that bring the community together. The summer events are family-friendly and feature summer themed crafts, games, and more. The park also hosts a Hallowwen festival, complete with costume contests, live entertainment, and food booths. This event is free and open to the public, with activities for children and adults alike.

A great place to spend a day with family and friends, Stanton Central Park is an 11.5-acre park that is sure to please the whole family. The park offers various amenities, from walking trails to a splash pad and bandstand to playgrounds and fitness training. Many of the amenities are open to the public and include a train structure, a basketball court, tennis courts, and a skate park.

Stanton Central Park offers ample green space and is a popular destination for strolls and jogs. There are plenty of benches and tables in the park, making this one of the five largest parks in Stanton.